exposition francesca pittaluga

Francesca Pittaluga was born in Milan, after the achievement of her scientific degree, Francesca Pittaluga obtains her diplama from the International University of Art (U.I.A.) in Florence, for the restoration of paintings on canvas, panel and fresco. After a few years of profesionnal actifity, she particpated and won the competition in the specialization course for the restoration of mural paintings at the OPIFICIO DELLE PIETRE DURE in Florence.

She was inspired by a purely classical artistic culture in these years which contrasts with her transfer abroad, the discovery of a new and great passsion: contemporary artistic photography while using resins and inks in painting. The artist takes a new path, seemingly so different, but actually very close to the digital reworking process of the opera, relating to her intitial training.

Now, in rediscovering these new techniques to her magic and enchtement, that only creative moments know how to provoke. Depply immersed in a new aesthetic universe, inspired by an imaginary world which always attracts with wonder, the artist unveils enchanted space, until now remained secret and intimate.


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